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Contact Shelley Ann Vernon at Teaching English Games here:

games (AT) (obviously you take out the brackets and the AT and replace those with the @ sign !)

I am English by nationality but live in France.  If you plan to write to me by post it is best to check where I am first for a speedier reception of your letter because I live in two places.

This is my home address in summer:
Shelley Vernon, 40 route des Aresquiers, 34110, Vic-la-Gardiole, France

This is my winter address: Shelley Vernon, 6 Hauts des Brévieres, 73320 TIGNES, France

My old address and business registration address is:
388 Chemin de Valsonniere
30210 Vers Pont du Gard, France

Please email me to arrange a phone appointment. Thanks and looking forward to speaking with you!
In an emergency please call: France 33 6 83 90 15 33 - it is a mobile so watch out, might be expensive to call.

Business Registration in France SIRET: 440 060 499 00025