Short ESL Stories for Preschool and Kindergarten

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ESL Stories for Preschool 1-10

10 Charming original stories, beautifully illustrated, with supporting materials


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Additional Vocabulary in each story for children with two or more years of English


Comprehensive supporting resources all in one package so minimum preparation is required


Vocabulary introduced in simple but fun plots to keep youngsters spellbound


 PowerPoint format available as a separate purchase on the stories order form


These ESL Stories for preschoolers (and kindergarten) are full of interactive playful ideas created in a natural learning context, making teaching easy and fun for you and your young learners.






10 Original stories in riveting narrative with vibrant illustrations, in simple present tense introducing (amongst others)  vocabulary for greetings, animals, numbers, colours, food and drink, nature and action verbs.

Extra vocabulary in each story for children more advanced in understanding English

Stories are progressive, building on vocabulary previously learned, with revision cleverly mingled in new themes

BONUS (all downloadable): Each story has: 

  • Detailed Lesson Plan 

  • Pre, mid and post story activity ideas and games

  • Colour vocabulary and picture Flashcards

  • Two levels of story texts

  • Printable Bingo cards

  • Click for individual story contents


Taking the hard work out of preparing lessons! 

It's great to have this material for little ones as although I've done a lot of research on the web, I couldn't find anything so well set out as your lessons. I am teaching children from 3 to 10 yrs old near Treviso, Italy and I must say that this material is taking a lot of the hard work out of preparing lessons!  Anne Chambers, Treviso, Italy


What took days now takes an hour!

What took me days to figure out piling over internet sites and going to the library now takes me an hour with Shelley's program and you can quote me on that! This incredible gift of pure knowledge and ideas, has saved me! Thank you, so very tremendously, for your stories, activities and ideas for keeping this very active age of 3-5 year olds engaged. I see the looks on the parents’ faces and the children are opening up more and more each class.  You make me look so good!  Kathryn Williams, USA


They memorized all the lines and remembered them weeks later!

I have taught the first 3 stories already and the children loved it. They loved it so much that they memorised all the lines. I did not ask them to memorise the lines, it was their idea and you know how hard it is to make a little kid memorise the lines you want him to. I really like the way you make the sentences for the stories, in form of patterns. It is the best way for the international students to learn English. And the students not only memorised the patterns but they remembered them well even weeks later. Mihaela Coclea, Yantai, China


Shelley's Personal Guarantee



This purchase is ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE because it comes with a 60-day trial period and a full money back guarantee. Yes that's right, you have 60 days to try these concepts out in your classroom. Try as many of the games as you like and I am confident that you will never want to send them back. 

So download your 10 stories for preschool with lesson plans and flashcards right away.




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PowerPoints and Movies with audio by native speakers





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Free Samples

No purchase necessary.  Here is a taster story, with lesson plan, games, flashcards and song. Try it out for yourself.


Free preschool teaching kit













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Would you prefer paperbacks?


Books 1 and 2 in paperback contain 5 stories each.  These two paperbacks are the equivalent of Preschool Stories 1-10 in download.  The paperbacks only contain the story illustrations, in colour, and the basic text.  Lesson plans, flashcards, bingo and the higher level of text come as downloads, included with the paperback purchase.  See Shelley Ann Vernon's Author Central page to purchase the book on Amazon in paperback. You will also find them on other online stores like the Book Depository or Good Reads.


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