ESL Plays and Skits for Teens

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Short, Fun Role Plays and Dialogues for Teens Learning English
From middle school to 18


For High Novice-Low Intermediate Levels


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19 fun short skits for Teens at CERFA A2 (high novice-low intermediate levels).


Introduction with tips on ways to prepare and use the skits. Unique and original content made for teens, from middle school up to 18.


Full grammar index. All skits are easy to print out and distribute to students.



Teen topics include studies, fashion, free time, learning, parties, music, watching TV, careers and the future, warnigs about drugs and alcohol, tattoos, phones...There are 19 skits in the current edition, so plenty to choose from. Email me for a full grammar


How these skits can help learning


You may wish to perform these skits on stage, or to other classes. Or, you may simply wish to have students read the scripts expressively as if performing but without any props or actions. Either way, using these plays with language learners can help them:

  • learn vocabulary,
  • improve grammar,
  • use English in realistic dialogues,
  • read more fluently,
  • speak more fluently and more confidently,
  • work in groups,
  • loosen up and become relaxed in class,
  • potentially become more creative,
  • potentially use more expression to communicate, such as body language, tone and emphasis,
  • take more responsibility for their learning as the teacher retreats and stops spoon-feeding them,
  • bond with other students • help shy learners participate by giving them non-speaking roles or easy lines,
  • give more advanced students the opportunity to excel and be challenged with bigger roles.


Sample skit

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Contents and Grammar Index

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