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snap chat pics of teens

Teens can be hard work. They often seem listless and bored and as if learning English was worse than a bullet in the head. This can be de-motivating for ESL teachers. I don't think the answer is for the teacher to try to be as cool as the students. That would be a losing battle, since a...

10 Oct Shelley Vernon 5 Comments
students in a classroom with few facilities, probably a village in Africa

You might be wondering how on earth you will get on in your classroom, in the heart of a remote country, without a word of the native language to your name. Teachers regularly ask me this question. When is it appropriate to speak to our pupils in their common tongue? And what do we do if we don...

28 Sep Shelley Vernon 15 Comments
children playing a game to learn English

I received a question today about the difference between an exercise and a game. It seems to me that an exercise is just a drill, there is no game element. An exercise does not purport to be fun, whereas a game does.

The element of fun might be to go against the clock or to...

23 Aug Shelley Vernon 2 Comments
child and father taking photograph together

*Most kids don't like homework!

Make it manageable

To encourage kids to do homework firstly, make the homework short and quite easy. When kids find the homework relatively easily they are more likely to do it. If kids are unclear about their homework or can't...

22 Jun Shelley Vernon No Comments

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