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*Most kids don't like homework!

Make it manageable

To encourage kids to do homework firstly, make the homework short and quite easy. When kids find the homework relatively easily they are more likely to do it. If kids are unclear about their homework or can't...

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*Using pen pals to exchange with students abroad can be motivational and fun for children learning English. Children do not generally receive post, so it can be quite a thrill for them to receive good-old-fashioned letters and cards through the mail. Schemes can be set up with schools abroad...

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Here is a poem by Abdul Hafeez Jhelumi, from his book of Urdu poetry, published in Pakistan. For such a short poem so many questions arise and could be discussed in small groups. Thank you Abdul for this concise, elegant and thoughtful poem and for allowing it to appear on this blog.


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The power of stories is incredible and they are a fantastic teaching tool. Here are ten reasons to use them in your preschool or kindergarten English class.

1. Children love them. Start a story and preschool children will suddenly be mesmerized. It...

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