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A distraught parent, who is also an English teacher, asked me what she could do to help her 13 year old son, who is being kept down a grade. One could no doubt write several books on this topic, but here are some initial steps to try. Notice what's working, and change if you don't see any...

18 Mar Shelley Vernon No Comments
cartoon of different animals being asked to climb a tree

It's a common and empoverished attitude that emphasizes reading, writing and arithmetic, known in England as the 3 Rs, to the neglect of other subjects and topics. At primary school children need a wider spectrum, to try many things, and discover where their talent lies. Many laborious hours...

18 Mar Shelley Vernon No Comments
cartoon of hands waving to represent a wave done by a crowd of children

Silently, effortlessly re-gain everyone's attention with tip 1

Introduce this idea early on in the school year and use it when the class become noisy or too excited. Start a wave, or any action, like a bird flying, or just swaying your arms from side to side. Children...

27 Feb Shelley Vernon No Comments
teaching letters b and d

An Iranian teacher asked me for help teaching the alphabet. He said his preschool children had difficulty recognizing b and d, and other letters. This confusion is not reserved for Iranian students, all preschool children have to get to grips with these letters, even native speakers....

31 Jan Shelley Vernon 2 Comments

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