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events or festivals marking months of the year

How would you teach the months of the year? Learning the months of the year is often a rather dry task for ESL learners.

Here are lesson plan ideas to make each month more vivid and memorable. Teach six months in one lesson, then revise and add to those in a further lesson. It'll be...

18 May Shelley Vernon No Comments
teacher and boy learning English through play with cars and couple discussing a movie

I heard from a private tutor who asked me how best to proceed teaching English to children in hospital one on one. One of his pupils is now 18 and has been fighting a dreadful disease all his life. This child has learned almost perfect English with a beautiful accent. He did this by listening to...

16 May Shelley Vernon 1 Comment
grammar parts of speech words written

Grammar is the foundation of language, yet some ESL and EFL students have not learned the basic grammatical concepts of their own language. Sometimes pupils do not understand the basic structure of a sentence and the ESL teacher is left with this task.

You can teach pronouns even if...

14 May Shelley Vernon No Comments
disruptive boy throwing paper in classroom

Dear Teachers,

How do you stay sane when one of your pupils is disrupting the class and refuses to cooperate?

Here's Renate, teaching in Spain: "There is a child in one of my groups who makes teaching especially challenging. He never sits still, even...

09 May Shelley Vernon 5 Comments

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