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children of mixed ages in classroom

Hello, my dear Blog readers,

It can be problematical teaching mixed age groups, especially at preschool. Let's hear from an ELL teacher taking a mixed age group and see what problems she has and how we might resolve them. If you are also teaching children in a mixed age...

04 Jun Shelley Vernon 2 Comments
students using phones to learn

Technology is all the buzz these days and it has great things to offer us. There are downsides of course but if used wisely bringing technology into your teaching can only enhance your classes further.

Technology fills some people with dread, but don't worry because even...

02 May Shelley Vernon 2 Comments
classroom management problems

ESL and TEFL teachers often do not receive the class management training that their primary school colleagues benefit from. Without preparation, it can be a shock to take on a classroom of energetic children.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you contain your pupils'...

26 Feb Shelley Vernon 14 Comments

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