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Imagine your pupils looking forward to a grammar lesson instead of looking bored. Teaching grammar with games not only makes the lesson more enjoyable but it's more effective than copying from the board and re-writing.

Teaching grammar with games works research shows...

04 Jan Shelley Vernon 4 Comments

Today's question is on how to teach tenses using my games. Here is my response to the teacher.

For a student to use tenses correctly he or she needs to understand them , learn them by heart and practise them in context. Learning by rote can be boring but it needs to be done. So why...

05 May Shelley Vernon No Comments
Suffixes and Prefixes

A teacher asked me today how to teach suffixes and prefixes. Here is a lesson I prepared for her, teaching one child only, but the ideas may be adapted to a larger classroom.

Here is a good explanation...

03 May Shelley Vernon No Comments

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