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Grammar is the foundation of language, yet some ESL and EFL students have not learned the basic grammatical concepts of their own language. Sometimes pupils do not understand the basic structure of a sentence and the ESL teacher is left with this task.

You can teach pronouns even if...

14 May Shelley Vernon No Comments
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Hello teachers!

A dismayed ESL teacher found that his students did not understand the concepts of subject, verb, object. When he tried to explain English grammar, he found that he needed to explain grammar. My games and teaching philosophy work for this too! Here's how to...

15 Feb Shelley Vernon 2 Comments
child bored learning English with textbook

Do you want to use fun games and liven up your English classes, but you can't? You might be following a set curriculum, and only have 1 hour a week. There's no time for any games! You are not alone, many teachers are following a syllabus. A textbook or syllabus is a huge help to a...

24 Oct Shelley Vernon 3 Comments

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