Christmas story for children

carol singers in front of a house
16 Dec SAV No Comments

Hello, The Christmas holidays and coming soon and a well-earned rest for teachers. There's just time before the end of term for this charming Christmas story. Teach your pupils about Christmas in our culture. It's fun and interesting to learn about other cultures and the special days they celebrate.


This story is set in a typical home in England. You can see the Christmas decorations in the home and what happens on Christmas day. There's fantasy in the story too, it's not all fact, because I don't think that Santa does really come with presents, at least I haven't seen him yet!


If you go for this story (for 4.97) you'll get a big lesson plan with games, vocabulary flashcards, a choice of two story texts and the story itself, illustrated in colour, A4 size. It's a bargain. It's meant for ages 3 to 7.


ESL Christmas Story

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