The crazy nature of limited schooling

cartoon of different animals being asked to climb a tree
18 Mar Shelley Vernon 2 Comments

It's a common and empoverished attitude that emphasizes reading, writing and arithmetic, known in England as the 3 Rs, to the neglect of other subjects and topics.  At primary school children need a wider spectrum, to try many things, and discover where their talent lies.  Many laborious hours are spent on the 3 Rs and the results are still poor. Conclusion?  Do more of the 3 Rs.  

"It's not working?"

"Let's do even more of what is not working." 

This cartoon sums it up succintly.  Enjoy!


quite interesting, could you give more information ?
Hello there, thanks for your comment. Often language teaching in schools focuses on reading, writing and following a textbook. Students need to participate actively to learn, not sit passively. Students also need varied activities that appeal to all learning styles, not just those who learn by reading, copying and filling in blanks. These two blog posts give more insight into learning styles.

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