Easter Story

A sweet ESL Easter story for children learning English as a second language.  This ESL story is perfect for English learners aged 4 to 8.


For young beginners learning English this ESL Easter story tells the tale of the Easter bunny who hides Easter eggs for children on Easter day.  This is the perfect oppotunity to learn prepositions.  The story is meant for ESL beginners, but not COMPLETE beginners having their first ever lesson!   It is recommended to use the first two sets of stories (1 to 10 and 11 to 20) from Teaching English Games before embarking on this ESL Easter story.

The ESL Easter story includes everything to help you teach children PREPOSITIONS  easily, as well as learn about the chocolate-egg-hiding bunny!  You will receive, lesson plan with games and preposition flashcards.


There is also an optional Easter song on CD, as mp3 and a song video version with the words.  Also optional, since many teachers do not have access to screens in class, is a story powerpoint.  One version contains the Easter story text while the other shows only the pictures with animation. 


The ESL lesson plan is made up of fun games to teach the target vocabulary.  This Easter story focuses on prepositions and some Easter vocabulary.  For more information on how to teach prepositions please see the lesson plan.   


Get it separately from this page or for best value order the full set of 10 stories here http://www.teachingenglishgames.com/eslstory.htm



With the Easter ESL Story you will receive:




15 ESL Easter story  colour illustraions

 Two levels of texts, total beginners and false beginners

18 Flashcards including 12 for prepositions in three sizes (UK and US English), in colour as PDF downloads

Black and white flashcards to colour

Easter bingo set (prepositions)

Easy Easter craft ideas

Optional extras: Easter Bunny song for ESL learners and story character masks for games or dialogues.  Black and white bunny mask to cut out, colour in, and a pre-coloured version if preferred.



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