ESL Christmas Story

A sweet ESL Christmas story for children learning English as a second language.  This ESL story is perfect for English learners aged 4 to 9 or 10.Father Christmas and reindeer


For young children learning English this ESL Christmas story is cute and suitable for beginners, but not TOTAL beginners.


The ESL Christmas story comes complete with everything you need to teach children around the world all about Christmas.  You will receive, lesson plan with games and Christmas flashcards.  Oh yes, and there are also optional Christmas songs on CD, as mp3 and song video versions showing the words, and a Christmas story powerpoint option for those of you with screens in class or at home.


The ESL lesson plan is full of games to teach the target vocabulary.  The lesson plan teaches the key vocabulary through games.  The Christmas story focuses on present and present continuous tenses and Christmas vocabulary. Crafts and fun Christmas activities are included.


Christmas vocabulary flashcards Included: 

Christmas tree, Christmas day, carol singers, Father Christmas, turkey, reindeer, presents, sleigh, Christmas lights, Christmas eve, Christmas stocking, Christmas pudding, holly, mistletoe, Christmas decorations.
ESL Christmas story book cover



14 ESL Christmas story illustraions, which are gorgeous and in colour.

 Two levels of texts, basic for beginners and beginner/low intermediate


16 downloadable colour flashcards of the Christmas vocabulary in three sizes (UK and US English)

The same flashcards in black and white for colouring

Christmas vocabulary bingo set

Christmas craft ideas that are easy to do

Optional extras to enhance your lesson: 2 Christmas songs for ESL learners with masks of the characters in the story to use in games, to act out the story or perform short dialogues as story characters.  Cut out and colour the black and white ones, or cut out and wear the colour version.


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