ESL Activities for Teens and Adults

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Preschool ESl Games Book Cover

ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults
ESL games, fluency activities and grammar drills for EFL and ESL students


Voted Top 7 Best ESL Book for Adults*


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Activities for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students in well organized listening, speaking, reading and writing categories.


Detailed introduction gives advice on cultural backgrounds, learning styles and personalities.


Packed with ideas and exercises on fluency and grammar, that are entertaining and fun and specially formulated for teens and adults.



An abundance of great ideas for games and activities that you can adapt easily so you will never be at a loss.


*FluentU 2016




  • Introduction covers common classroom teaching problems including culture, tensions, unconfident students and different learning styles
  • Teaching Tips include setting and sharing goals, using drills and fluency activities to what to do if the lesson flops
  • 6 step Quick Start Guide
    • Listening Drills
    • Speaking Drills
    • Spelling Writing Drills and Reading
    • Listening Games and Activities for Fluency
    • Speaking Games and Activities for Fluency
    • Creative Writing Activities
  • Every Activity is carefully described in detail with example scenarios
  • Each Game / Exercize is organized by
    • Category (e.g. Listening or speaking)
    • Group size
    • Level (e.g. Beginner etc)
    • Materials
    • Preparation (if required)
  • FREE Bonus
    • Inside this book is access to a 70-page appendix of ready-made printable templates 

Reduced prep time!  Heather Mullett, British Council in Qatar

"The Adult games book has really reduced my preparation time.  Activities such as 'Guess the Question' have really gone down well with my classes."


Lessons are cooler!  Katia Bekers, Hans sur Lesse, Belgium

I am a bit afraid to 'abandon' my books and school material, but from time to time I use the games in your book for a change. My pupils really appreciate it and I see them change. When I use a game, they are happy and all participate. When I follow my 'normal' workbooks, they are rather bored. This week a pupil came to me saying that I always should use games, because they also learn that way and it is much "cooler". 

That's why I always keep your book ready!  This book is the beginning of my new life as a teacher. It should be compulsory for every teacher. Try it out and feel the magic! Shelley, the person and the writer, is my favourite resource when I need advice.



special bonus


Enjoy the free bonus 70 pages appendix of printable templates


Receive this 70 page appendix free with the activities book! Get templates for A Day in the Life, Alibi, Alphabet War, Battleships, Build a Sentence, Connect Four, Cryptic Clues, Describe the Picture, English Trivia, Figure It Out, Find the Pairs, Gap Fill Game, How It's Made, Jeopardy, Parts of Speech Pathfinder, Sequences, Spelling Challenge and Subject, Verb, Object.


This purchase is ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE because it comes with a 60-day trial period and a full money back guarantee. Yes that's right, you have 60 days to try these concepts out in your classroom. Try as many of the games as you like and I am confident that you will never want to send them back. 


So download your book “ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults” right away.


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ESL for adults and teenagersFree Samples

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