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Discover how your pupils can learn to speak English twice as fast when they're excited about learning, using hundreds of fun English classroom games.


ESL classroom games

Hello and welcome. My name is Shelley Ann Vernon and I am thrilled that you want to find out more about teaching English through games. Right here you have found a solution to get great results in the classroom for children aged 4 to 12; a solution that from my experience will bring more success and joy into the lives of the children you teach.


You'll learn:


How to make your classesfun


How to ensure everyone gets better grades


How to help stimulate the brighter kids while nurturing the slower ones


How to associate fun to learning by teaching vocabulary and grammar through language games.


Earn even more appreciation, love and respect from your students, their parents and your institution for your innovative, inspirational teaching.


The games presented here work for ESL pupils aged 4 to 12. These ESL classroom games are most suitable for beginners to intermediate.  If you only have preschool children you need this page: 3 to 5 only.


Read on for: ESL vocabulary games, communicative games, English composition games, primary writing games, spelling games and easy ESL games for children.



english language game

From: Shelley Ann Vernon


Dear Teacher,


Who learns their native language by first sitting with a textbook reading out paragraphs? Children already know their native language before learning to read and write it.


A lot of people who attend language classes and even pass written language exams can hardly string a sentence together.


I remember my many language classes (I speak English, French, Spanish and some German), and most of the time we would sit in class reading text books and writing assignments. Hardly ANY time was devoted to speaking the language, and it is the same in many schools today.


Even though most of my school and university friends passed their exams, they could hardly speak the language. I could, but that was not down to my teachers, but to my parents, who sent me on foreign exchanges as a child. The way things have been set up these last few decades frankly does not reflect our pupils' needs.


Make learning fun!


As teachers how do we better educate our pupils so that they:


Think for themselves.

Fly through their exams.

Have confidence speaking their second language, as well as being able to read and write in it.


With these ideas for teaching English games you can transform your classes and achieve all this because the communication games are designed to allow everyone plenty of opportunity to practise speaking, without neglecting spelling, reading and writing. 


In fact most of the games can also be played to specifically ENHANCE these skills.  There are also spelling games, writing games and English composition games.


So if you have come to this page because you are looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your teaching and to make your classes more fun, then you have come to the right place because you can achieve those worthwhile goals right here.


Stimulate your pupils so they look forward to your class


On this page you will find out:


Why teaching vocabulary through the use of ESL classroom games works better than traditional teaching methods.

How much fun your classes can be.

How to multiply the talking time of your class exponentially.

How to give your students a real chance at speaking the language while engaging them in the class at the same time.

How to create a positive learning environment.

How to be an even more effective teacher by using ideas for teaching English games.


You will also discover new ways to:

Encourage even those who are always at the bottom of the class.

Motivate your students more.

Improve your pupils' grades.

Save preparation time.

Successfully handle mixed ability situations in class.

Enjoy yourself more in class.

Achieve results 2x as fast


But don't take my word for it, here are testimonials from parents of some of my old pupils:


She found it valuable right away!

Although I only bought your book on Monday, and today is Wednesday, I want you to know how valuable I have found it to be. I have used a couple of the games in school already and the children loved them. Equally importantly, they were learning and reviewing their English at the same time. Can I admit that I also enjoyed my lessons more? Gila Goldberg, Jerusalem


The games are fun and adaptable!

Your games are such great fun and adaptable for all ages. The kids enjoy them immensely. They are the perfect fit for my students and my style of teaching. Dominique Guihenneuc, Italy


The games help with learning difficulties!

My daughter Aurore has learning difficulties and since coming to your classes she has gained in confidence and has improved in all subjects at school. Mrs J. Brown, Canterbury, Kent, UK


The kids love them!
And from Julie Gambade, age 10, Grenoble,  France: (translated from French)

She isn't like the other teachers, she teaches us while playing. It's really fun and you can remember it better.

child learning English through game



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I got into teaching after my language degree in French and Spanish, when I took a TEFL qualification (teaching English as a foreign language) and taught in language schools and privately for several years. I then started teaching children and I had over one hundred private pupils between the ages of 3 and 14 taking music or French lessons from me in their free time.


As part of the fun I would put a show on every term for the parents. The kids loved it and the parents could also see the results their children were getting.


Now for parents to pay out and for children to exchange their play time for lessons voluntarily, you have got to be:
a) making your classes fun so that the children, want to come and 
b) deliver results so that the parents keep paying! And that is the real test, which all these games have passed with flying colours.


And not only do these ESL games allow you to get great academic results, but you can positively affect the lives of the children you teach by associating fun and encouragement to learning. 


A child who gets poor grades all the time, and who is always way down the list in class, will tend to stay there as their self-esteem drops lower and lower.


I'll never forget a grateful parent thanking me at the end of two terms and telling me how her daughter, who had learning difficulties, had gained so much in confidence since coming to my classes that she had improved across the board in all subjects at school.


Teaching is a wonderful profession, and one thing we all know for sure is that we never forget our teachers, and we vividly remember the few incredible teachers we had who challenged us and made us think, rather than spoon fed us so we could be successfully processed through exams like a sausage.


Your pupils are going to remember you for the rest of their lives, and with that in mind, don’t you want them to remember you as one of the best?


As a language teacher I believe the greatest gift you can give is the skill and confidence to SPEAK the language and actually use it. What use is a language qualification to someone if he or she cannot actually speak it?


How to teach your pupils to speak English twice as fast...


Here are some of the problems many teachers have:


teaching english gameSome of your children may not enjoy being in class.

fun english gameYou may find it hard to have all your children pay attention.

esl game for childrenYour class may not repeat things back to you enthusiastically.

ESL game and activity for teaching English to childrenSome of your class may not be motivated to learn.

fun learningYour pupils may not get much chance to practise speaking English during class.

easy esl gameRepetition is the mother of skill, but you don't know how to make it interesting.

fun efl gameYou don't have time to revise all the vocabulary, themes and grammar that you have covered as if you spend time revising you fall behind in the coursework.

EFL game for childrenYou may feel some of your pupils getting restless and losing their focus during class time.

fun esl gameYou may lack time to put that extra boost into your classes having a lot of paperwork, report writing and marking to do.



Here is how these ideas for teaching English games address these problems:


Games make learning fun so your class and children are willing participants and not just there because they have to be.

Students pay more attention because they are enjoying themselves, so they do better, they feel better about themselves, and do EVEN better – it is a vicious circle working in your favour.

Playing a game has a purpose to it, an outcome, and in order to play students have to say things – they have a reason to communicate rather than just repeating things back mindlessly. Therefore they want to know and learn more.

Games stimulate and motivate children to new levels. If they do not pay attention during the presentation of new language, and make a mental effort to memorise it, they will not be able to play the games well, and they will let their team and themselves down, so they make more effort to join in and learn as much as possible.

Students use the language all the time during the games

The teaching games involve a lot of repetition, and repetition is the mother of skill, it can be boring, but thanks to these games it is FUN.   How do you expect your class or children to remember vocabulary if they never use it? Repetition is the mother of skill.

The games lend themselves perfectly to quick bursts of revision. Using some of the ESL games you revise a massive amount of vocabulary and grammar in a few minutes.  If you use games to revise two or three topics every lesson, as well as teach the new language, imagine how well your kids will do at exam time, and how proud you will feel.

The physical movement involved in some ESL games helps keep everyone stimulated and focused.   Children naturally have a lot of energy and are not good at sitting for long periods so if you throw in a game with movement from time to time you will prevent them from getting restless and bored.

Children have a short attention span (even more so these days with the style and pace of the media and computer games), so injecting lively varied games into your classes to practise the language you are teaching will keep your children alert and enjoying themselves.

The philosophy of encouragement incorporated into these ESL games allows all students, including the less good ones, to gain in confidence.   Usually this doesn't just mean they get better at your subject, but in all subjects. This makes everybody, including you, more motivated and optimistic, and you can really make a difference by helping your pupils have more self-esteem so they succeed in all areas of life.

There are literally hundred of ways of adapting the games so you cater for a broad age range (suggested range: age 4 to 12). This gives you an incredible battery of learning tools and ultimate flexibility.

You can practise almost any language you wish with the vast majority of the ESL games and adapt them at will to your curriculum and the text books you are using. You will be able to deliver fun, unpredictable lively classes that your students will love.

You do not need many materials to play these games (in some cases you need only your regular black board or classroom props). Once you have used the games once you will need virtually NO PREPARATION TIME AT ALL!  You will be able to give stimulating fun classes while keeping your evenings free for yourself and your own hobbies, family and friends.

You can easily control the class by switching to calming games when you need to calm everyone down or throw in an exciting game when you want to pick up the pace. 


Variety is the key and with over one hundred games you are spoiled for choice.

Each game has either a Calm downWake up or Excitable category to help you do this. In this way you control the mood to get maximum learning throughout the session.


Give fun classes and save on preparation time.

I can promise you that I have thoroughly tried and tested using games in class, and in my experience it works. But let’s hear from a few more of my old pupils…to show you that these ideas for teaching English games really do work:


The children appreciate you!
We are both missing you a lot. Victoria's French is really keeping her ahead in school and she is getting As all the time, and it's helping me as well because lots of French people come into my class at school! The French people say to count up to 20 and it is really easy as I can count up to 60! Wish you were here, love from Hannah and Vicky.     Hannah Watson, Canterbury Kent, UK

The games help children remember!
Six months ago, my four year old and my seven year old spent 20 minutes with Shelley using these techniques to learn words in French; I was amazed to find that they still remember them all today.     Julie O’Devlin, Salisbury, UK


The children love you!

learning English with EFL gamesAnd here is a little note I got from one of my 5-year-old pupils, Heather Smith, Canterbury, UK




Ultimately it is up to each individual how well they apply themselves, but you can make a difference, and certainly make it easier for them and give them every chance to succeed.


Class time is precious and I understand that you do not want to waste it playing silly games just to pass the time. Rest assured that these ESL games do NOT involve:

TEFL fun gameComplex or copious amounts of materials

TEFL fun gameArts and crafts type activities – they are too time-consuming

TEFL game for kidComplicated rules to learn

easy TEFL gamePreparation time 


What you WILL find are over one hundred ideas for teaching English games, and for teaching vocabulary through the use of games, as well as spelling games, reading games, writing games and above all ORAL COMMUNICATION games.

These games are not a 'softy' wishy-washy alternative but are designed to stretch and test the children constantly, helping them to reach new levels of performance in an encouraging and stimulating environment.

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ESL games for children

This particular series of games has the following features:


Fun games for learning English in Detail
Each game is described in detail and most of them have examples of how they can be adapted in terms of language, group size and age. The instructions are clear and easy to understand, and the games are easy to use, and listed in alphabetical order for convenience. You can start using them right away in class.


Fun games for learning English with Tips
Seventeen practical teaching tips on using the games are included along with an explanation of the categories, the best group sizes, adapting the games to different ages and levels, the materials you’ll need, the pace of the games, the pros and cons of competition in the class, how to get the most out of mixed abilities and logistics. 


This is all straight forward and will allow you to ensure maximum results in terms of learning and enjoyment. It will save you from making obvious mistakes when using games and put you on the path to successful lessons.


Fun games for learning English Quick Start
A quick start guide is provided explaining which games to use first and how to progress through the games to teach specific vocabulary or language. The best games to use in each of the 6 steps are listed. The six steps outlined are as follows:


  1. Introducing new vocabulary and language
  2. Continuing exposure to new language
  3. Communicating with the new language
  4. Consolidating with more demanding speaking games
  5. Reading
  6. Writing

The idea here is to help you get off to a quick start while you are familiarising yourself with all the possibilities. Just see which games are recommended at the different stages of learning and go to that game in the manual to apply it immediately to your next class.


Fun English Learning games Immediate Access
This manual is an e-book so you can download it instantly and pay no postage, no waiting and you can get started right away. This also allows us to make it available to you at a very reasonable price.



A complete set of 176 teaching games, with tremendous adaptability, tested by tens of thousands of teachers, for under 20 US dollars  (euros and GBP accepted)  >


* Native Teachers in low-wage countries please contact me for special rates.


To make sure that you get the most out of the games, and that you start using them right away I have created a whole section to the manual to give you as an essential bonus of 16 elementary lesson plans using games.  This way you can see how to make up complete lessons with ESL games if you so wish to.  You'll also have a model to follow using the steps progressing from not knowing the target vocabulary and grammar to writing and saying it confidently from memory.






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Considering what these games can do for you and your pupils, and for your own sense of achievement, they are very valuable – the fond memories, fun,  sense of satisfaction, and affection for your students, which you will experience from using them are priceless, for these are the feelings which make life worth living.

And this purchase is ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE because it comes with a 60-day trial period and a full money back guarantee. Yes that's right, you have 60 days to try these concepts out in your classroom. Try as many of the games as you like and I am confident that you will never want to send them back.

So download your e-book 
“176 English Language Games” 
right away…

                   ESL games for children

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You can download the games now and be using them tomorrow!

Yours sincerely

Shelley Vernon

Shelley Ann Vernon

Teaching English Games


P.S. I hope you'll decide to take action and add this resource to your own, as another string to your bow, to reach out to and inspire more young people today.

I've shown you that these games are great value, they are proven to work, and that they will motivate your pupils and make your classes fun.  They will also help your students learn to speak English twice as fast, and remember what they learn, so you will have great results as their teacher. 


As well as saving on preparation time you'll earn love and respect from children, parents and institutions alike.  So now it's up to you to apply them in your teaching.

If you're not absolutely convinced then I'll refund you completely.

I am sure you will have as much fun, and feel as much satisfaction, using these inspirational games with your pupils as I have.

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