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Use in any order.  Adapt the language freely to fit your curriculum.  Or, if you are not following a textbook, use the plays as your curriculum.


1. What we want to be (professions)


Professions: Dancer, footballer, fighter pilot, nurse, astronaut, singer and film star.
I'm a, we are…
Do you want to be?
No way.  Yes, great idea!


2. The Robot (body parts)


Greetings: Good morning.  How do you feel?  I feel great. (Or use "Hello" and "How are you?")
Body parts of your choice.
Left/Right (optional - leave out for four and five year olds).
Please and thank you.


3. The Best Restaurant (ordering)


Excuse me, sorry.
What would you like?  I'd like…
Menu, bill, fly, flies and insect.
I've got…
Food: coke, burger and soup - use any food you want here


4. Cars (possessives)


This and that, these and those.
Mine and yours.
Would you like to play cars? (Revises question form in The Best Restaurant)


5. Zoo Talk (animals & present tense)


Animals: zebra, giraffe, elephant and monkey.
Body parts: head, neck, arms, tail and trunk.
Thank you.  
You are welcome.
Optional: we eat meat, grass and bananas.


6. Growing Things (I'd like or I want or I'll buy)


We'd like/you'd like/I'd like…
Seeds: carrot, flower, apple and any that you add.
Money doesn't grow on trees.
Optional: I want/we want and I'll buy…


7. Let's Go For a Walk (places)


Let's go for a walk.
Where shall we go?
No, not to the ... that's too far.
Park, football pitch, playground, shops and any other places you want to add.


8. In the Library


Reading: library and books.
Book topics: planes, dogs, horses and any that you add.
Would you like a book about? I have a book about…


9. Mixed Up Magician


Animals: dog, cat, duck and rabbit.
That's a / that's not a…
I'll try again or let us try.
Do you want to see a rabbit?


10. Story Time


What do you want?
You should be sleeping.
May we have a story?
We're thirsty, we're cold and we're hungry.

For one child change to I'm thirsty, I'm cold and I'm hungry.


11. Cold Weather (I don’t need, clothing)


Where are you going?
I'm going to play outside.
Put on your shoes, jacket, gloves and any other clothing vocabulary.
I don't need shoes.  I don’t need a jacket or gloves.
You'll catch a cold. / You've caught a cold.
You need some medicine.  / No I don't.


12. Shopping (where, what)


Where are you going?  I'm going shopping.
I'll come with you.
What are you going to buy?
A packet of peas, a slice of cheese, a pound of meat and something sweet.
Are you sure?  Sure, we're sure!
Do you want?


13. Dirt Is Fun


Look how dirty you are.

I / We like dirt. Dirt is fun.
But now you need to get clean. / Now it's time for your bath.
We made mud pies. / We dug a hole. / We built a fort.  Modify these to your purposes.


14. Tea Time (Do you like?)


Do you like / I don't like
Beverages: coffee, tea and milk.
I don't know.


15. Bake a Cake


Who wants to make a cake?  I / We do.
Cooking terms: mix, bake and oven.
Food: eggs, milk, flour and water.


16. Birthday Party


What's happening?
It's Penny's birthday.
Do we have a ... for her?
Hurry, get a gift, cake, balloons and items you choose to add.


17. My Party (future)


Will there be? / Yes, there will be.
Party items: cake, games, dancing and presents.
I love…


18. Red, Yellow, Green


What is wrong?
Red means stop, green means go and yellow in the middle means slow down.
I forgot / he forgot what the colours mean.


19. Ready Steady Go


Are you ready?
Wait, I forgot my bag, jacket, sunglasses, hat and keys.
We're ready, let's go.
Are you sure you're ready? Yes we're sure


20. Trading Game (my, your)


Play items: car, doll, ball, cards and bubbles.
I will trade…
My and your.


21. Soccer Practice


Sports: team, player and ball.
First, then and next.
Stretch, run, pass, kick and score.


22. Quiet Time (may)


May I / May we play?
Please do it quietly.
You are so noisy.
But we didn't say anything.
Activities: play, play games, sing and draw.


23. Seasons (seasons and seasonal activities)


Seasons: Winter, spring, summer and fall.
We like…  We play…  We drink…
In the …
Activities: ski, surf, run and fish. 

Change the activities to be relevant to your class.


24. What Day Is It? (days of the week, daily routine)


Get up, it's time for school.  Get dressed, clean your teeth, brush your hair and have your breakfast.
It's Monday.  No it's not, it's Tuesday.
Days of the week.
You’re all wrong.
There’s no school today.


25. Lost and Found (present perfect, prepositions)


Are you ready?  Let's go! (Revision from Ready Steady Go.)
I can't go, I've lost my purse.
Where could it be?
I don't know.  (Optional: I know I put it somewhere safe.)
Maybe it's ...
Prepositions: on top of, under and in.
Nouns: cupboard, bed and drawers.
Have you found it?


26. Only Shirts (we sell, we don’t sell)


Clothing: pants (US) replace with trousers (GB) if required and shirt.
Store (US) replace with shop (GB) if desired.
I would like… (Revision from the Best Restaurant).
We don't sell...
We only sell shirts.


27. Doctor, Doctor (body parts, it hurts)


Body parts.
Doctor, doctor my arm really hurts!
Which arm, this arm?
Ouch!  That hurts!
Oh sorry, well take these M&Ms and you'll get better.
(Replace M&Ms with well-known sweets from your country.)
Mmm, yummy, thank you doctor, I feel better already.


28. The Rock Band (I play…)


           Instruments:  guitar, drums and piano.
           Musicians: guitarist, pianist and drummer
           I play the …


29. The Meeting (I want, office items)


           Stay and leave.
           I want to talk about …
           Office items: computers, desks, chairs, lamps, pens and telephones.


30. Places


              Excuse me, where can I find...
              Please, thank you and bye.
              Places: Public toilet, supermarket, cinema, library, bookshop and sweetshop.
              Add further places or swap in ones you prefer to use.
              Out of order.

              The alternative script uses places and buying a sandwich with no reference to a toilet.

              Optionally: Giving directions


'It has been three years or more since I have been using your materials. 

They are GREAT and have been producing FANTASTIC results with kids as young as 3 and as old as 18 - or even older!

My success as an English language drama teacher to Czech children is in large part down to YOU and your wonderful plays. I have staged five performances in the past year, and the kids and their parents are ALWAYS delighted. The parents marvel at the kids' confidence during their performance. Not to mention the complex structures they are able to use in a foreign language! Thank you again!'    Eurydice Prentoulis, Czech Republic


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