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Stories Teaching Kit

Ages 6 to 10 "Daily Life"

Stories are the building blocks of imagination


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Original stories with humorous and surprising plots to entrance all


Comprehensive package of stories, including flashcards, lesson plans, worksheets and board games means minimal preparation time for you


Two levels of vocabulary so stories can be used several times


  Add on the Power Point version for a vivid presentation and audio by native speakers 


Reading aloud demonstrates phrased fluent reading, and comprehension improves as children listen on a higher level than they can read.


Preparation for ESOL young learner exams: European A1 level (CEFR) or 0/0+ for ILR, or NL, NM for ACTFL



  • 5 original stories progressing on from the first book, absorbing words already learned and building on present and past tense in more advanced vocabulary.
  • All  stories are beautifully illustrated and include Weather, Body parts, Daily routine, House and Furniture, Fruit and Vegetables.
  • Stories are progressive, building on vocabulary previously learned, with revision cleverly mingled in new storylines.
  • Stories have unexpected twists, surprising adventures making reading and listening highly entertaining for both teacher and pupil.
  • Extra vocabulary in each story for children with more advanced understanding of English.
  • In total there are (downloadable):
    • 149 colour story illustrations
    • 78 Flashcards in A4 and small sizes in both colour and black & white (for colouring)
    • 41 Worksheets
    • 12 Board Games
    • 5 Crafts
    • Detailed lesson plans with suggested activites pre, mid and post story-telling.


What teachers are saying:

I use your stories and songs all the time and that children's reactions are marvelous". Thank you very much for all your materials and creativity. Verica Sekulic, Sunshine School, Belgrade, Serbia


I run an English School here in Montblanc, and our students range from 3-year olds to adults. Our main worry is our pre-primary and primary pupils because we've tried so many excellent educational materials available on the market but none of them actually teaches them to really start talking. I think what you've created is unique, the amount of work you've done is priceless! I really like your imaginative stories with lovely voices, videos, games, activities and above all that fun, playful way to learning which gets pupils and students talk without realizing it. Also, thank you very much for all your e-mails offering advice and help. That really gives confidence when you find yourself in a sea of information! Galina Gaberova, Catalonia, Spain



guaranteeThis purchase is ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE because it comes with a 60-day trial period and a full money back guarantee. Yes that's right, you have 60 days to try these concepts out in your classroom. Try as many of the stories as you like and I am confident that you will never want to send them back. 

So download your stories teaching kit “Daily Life” right away.



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  • The same 5 stories in Teaching Kit ‘Daily Life’ in PowerPoint version using native English speakers and sound effects with basic animation.


  • The second presentation has no sound, allowing you and your students to do the voice overs. 





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"Daily Life" Topics in more detail


Story 1: What's The Weather Like? It's hot, cold, windy etc.

what's the weather like story


Story 2:  The Great Doctor - Body Parts, How are you feeling? My foot hurts.

body parts story


Story 3: Two Naughty Boys - Daily Routine

daily routine story


Story 4: The Thing - House and Furniture, Prepositions, What's that?  Shall we follow it? I'm scared.

house and furniture story


Story 5: Fruit and Vegetables, What's it for?

fruit and vegetable story



Five stories with two levels of text

5 Lesson plan with games to prepare for the story.41 Worksheets to consolidate story vocabulary and and white pictures to colour