More ESL Stories for Children Aged 3 to 6 (and older)

Have fun with these short English stories for ESL - Ages 3 to 6 (and older)


Christmas Story



ESL Stories are a fun way to learn English



This ESL story series for preschool and young primary children follows on from the first two sets. These short stories for ESL are just as useful at kindergarten as at primary school.



Make yourself look good and enjoy teaching more!



You may have noticed that if you expect young pupils to sit still and listen to you while you show them flashcards, you will not have their attention for long.



Successful ESL teaching is all about variety, movement and using and resources that appeal to young children. Young children love games, they love stories and they love songs. That is why I created these particular ESL stories, short enough for youngsters, and easy enough for beginners. More elaborate texts are included for ESL pupils with more English.



If you already have some of my other preschool stories welcome back.  If you are new to my teaching resources, do not worry, these stories may be used alone, as well as in conjunction with the previous sets. So how are these different?  These short ESL stories revise much of the common vocabulary presented in the first two sets, and introduce more popular English words and vocabulary themes.  


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What are they about?



Special Days in the Year Through this celebration of special days in the year preschool and primary learners discover many cultural aspects of the English speaking world, from a typical English Christmas, to Groundhog Day, celebrated in the States, and other internationally famous days such as Valentines.




Each ESL story is original, with a fun twist, and the themes are: Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, Easter Bunny, April Fools', Mother's Day and Summer Holidays


ESL Story Picture & Language Preview


VOCABULARY: The 500 most common words in English are included in these stories combined with preschool sets 1 and 2, except for a few business English words not relevant to young learners.


GRAMMAR: Verbs tenses include: present tense, simple past, including a good selection of irregular ones, present continuous, past continuous, future, and present perfect.  Also prepositions, possessives, pronouns, comparatives, adjectives, adverbs, exclamations and more.


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1. Birthday Story

Shapes, present tense.  Friends arrive at the birthday party with mysterious shapes.  What are they for?  Ah ha! It's a surprise...



2. Halloween Story

Halloween vocabulary, simple past verbs.  A tale of trick or treat and sharing.



3. Thanksgiving Story

Comparatives and simple past.  Herbie has a pet turkey to save from the cooking pot on Thanksgiving.  (He does save it!)


4. Christmas Story

A typical English Christmas and Christmas vocabulary including the dreaded brussel sprouts and Father Christmas.



I've done your Christmas story with all my groups this year from CP to 6ème (ages 6 to 11) and they loved it!  There is just so much to talk about in all the pictures.  The rhyming story has been great for getting the older ones to read out loud and to present the story themselves.  I just love it when their reading starts to come together and they stop reading as if they are reading French - and then their accent just comes right! Vicki Logeais, France, December 2014



5. Groundhog Day Story

Common verbs for the morning routine.  Sleepy the Groundhog wakes up after the long winter and it's time to go outside, but he doesn't want to get up.



6. Valentines' Day Story

A fun tale of romance for Pete the Pirate with a geography lesson thrown in and more on the simple past.



7. Easter Bunny Story

Prepositions, present and simple past tenses.  Other tenses appearing are future and past perfect.  The Easter bunny has some eggs to deliver to the boys and girls who have been good.


8. April Fools' Story

Naughty April Fools' tricks.  A favorite.



9. Mothers' Day Story

Present perfect.  Anna has made a mother's day card but mum is too busy to look at it because the family members have all lost things they need to get dressed.  These missing items show up in a surprise location.



10. Summer Holiday Story

Simple past, past continuous and conditional.  Summer holiday adventure on a lake with treasure, mermaids and a hungry crocodile.



Included with these stories



139 colour story illustrations A4 size and OK for interactive whiteboards

96 colour vocabulary flashcards in a choice of three sizes



Black and white vocabulary pictures for colouring, extra colouring

Lesson plans for each story with games and activities, bingo set & craft ideas

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