First lesson of the term!

Firs Lesson of the Year!
05 Sep Shelley Vernon No Comments

When teachers start a new year they are often tempted to ask everyone his or her name.  This is important if you have a small group. With a big class it's rather boring, and pointless, since no one will remember the names anyway! You'll learn the names over time...Why not do something fun for the students right away. Here is a game for the first lesson of the term or year.


Do a big revision quiz in teams.

1. Make three or four teams.

2. Ask Team A a question (or have the best student in the class take that role).

3. Allow five seconds for the reply to earn two points, if the answer is correct. If there is no reply, on your signal, the floor is open to teams B, C and D to jump in with the answer and earn one (not two) points.

4. Then it’s Team B’s turn and so on.


For the questions use a mixture of:

– Naming vocabulary items – such as clothing the children are wearing, items in the classroom or in their pencil cases and use vocabulary flashcards.
– Questions like “What’s your name?” “Do you have a dog?”
– Actions like “touch a pen, show me a book, touch the wall, touch something blue.”
– Naming a vocabulary flashcard
– Putting a word into a sentence in a specific tense
– For higher levels, tailor the questions accordingly.


Doing activities like this one needs no prep (just taking in vocab pictures) and you can use it over and over for revision throughout the year.

It's fun to use packaging for a quiz, as in Jeopardy or Who wants to be a millionaire, or Blow your house down. (All those games are in my book 176 English Language Games for Children, with tips on how to make the lesson work, even with big classes.


Get more ideas from my 5* activities book for teens and adults.

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