Kindergarten Stories (11-20)

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A cartoon of a cat and a mouse.If you have been enjoying the first series of illustrated stories for young English language learners then you will love the next series of kindergarten stories 11 to 20.



The next ten kindergarten preschool stories, also written for children aged 3 to 5, are designed to follow on from the first ten. Use them in order as a curriculum or individually to fit in with your needs.



We have two levels of text: the basic version for complete beginners and a denser version for children who have been learning English for a year or two.



Vocabulary and Language in These Beautiful Kindergarten Stories


You can see examples of the pictures from the different stories below, as well as the language that will be learned and reviewed from that story.



ESL / EFL Kindergarten/Preschool Story 11



Kindergarten stories about frogs.Story 11 introduces family members, with the frog family, who become very hot and in turn each family member jumps into the cool pond. Then the frogs become cold and jump out again. Children love pretending to be the frogs and this story is easy to put on as part of a show to parents at the end of a term. Some verbs are revised from previous stories such as jump, eat and swim.



ESL / EFL Kindergarten/Preschool Story 12



A preschool story about cowboys and indians. In story 12 the cowboys and indians are fighting throughout the different rooms of the house. The pictures are dark, shadowy and mysterious as the battle rages in all the different rooms. The cowboy and indian are hidden in each picture so your preschool children can have fun finding them. Then mother calls and the cowboys and indians turn out to be two friends, and the story ends with the two boys having tea together in the light kitchen with chocolate cake.



ESL / EFL Kindergarten/Preschool Story 13



A story about a cat and a mouse.Story 13 revises the rooms of the house and adds more rooms, as two pets, Cat and Mouse have a mad chase through the various rooms when mother goes out. The story also includes the phrases, You can't catch me! Oh yes I can! There are some really fun games in the mini-lesson plans that you can play with those phrases, especially if you have some space. This story has a sweet ending with cat and mouse on the sofa together.



ESL / EFL Kindergarten/Preschool Story 14



A story about a boy with a train set.There is further revision in story 14 of the rooms of the house and family members. Each story builds on the previous ones so the young children repeatedly hear the same words and remember them. New words and phrases are also introduced. Each day of the week (revised from story 10 with Gerard the Giraffe) a member of Archie's family give him a present. The present is a train and some track. Archie loves his train set and builds it right through the entire house... The mini-lesson plans have fun vocabulary games for giving and for train.



EFL / ESL Kindergarten/Preschool Story 15



A cartoon of a girl sitting on a camel.Story 15 tells the story of Julie and her family as they build their house, but each time they build it something goes wrong, until finally they succeed with the perfect house. Family members and rooms of the house are revised, as one simply cannot do enough reviewing with young English language learners. New vocabulary includes words from nature such as the sea, the beach, the desert, mountain and snow. Other vocabulary is revised from previous stories including sand, field, green, garden, flowers and pond. Verbs include: build, live and play. See A4 size picture.



EFL / ESL Kindergarten/Preschool Story 16


A preschool story about mice.In story 16 introduces farm animals and the ordinal numbers first to fifth. These can be replaced by simple numbers 1 to 5 if that is more appropriate for your pupils. The words dark and light are revised and the question How many? is introduced. The animals are all sleeping in the dark fields and numbers are revised as your pupils count up all the different animals. In the final picture family members are revised again when you meet the mouse family who are the only animals wide awake and mother mouse is reading a story in the light of the moon.



EFL / ESL Kindergarten/Preschool Story 17



An ESL preschool story about body parts.Story 17 introduces body parts. Thomas loves to play his video game and keeps doing crazy things like falling in a hole, or a pond, or walking into a lamp post. Each time his mother has to bandage up a body part. Then he feels much better. Eventually Thomas sees his friends running and he cannot join in as he has so many bandages, so he throws his game away while his mother reads him a story.



EFL / ESL Kindergarten/Preschool Story 18



A drawing of a mouse tying a bandage.In story 18 animals are revised with a bedroom full of toys. The horse accidentally steps on the mouse's tail, so mouse needs a bandage. New body parts are introduced and the body parts from the previous story are revised as the the animals all want a bandage too. The mini-lesson plans contain a fun selection of ESL / EFL games with the children playing at doctors and guessing which body part is injured in the game Whose Shadow Is It?



EFL / ESL Kindergarten/Preschool Story 19



A preschool story about dressing up.Story 19 introduces clothing as Hetty and Archie have fun dressing up in their parent's room. Mother comes in so they hide and the children can spot them hidden in the picture. The pre-story and post-story ideas contain ideas that children love with games from the ebook that you have.



EFL / ESL Kindergarten/Preschool Story 20



An illustration of a fairy with a cat and a mouse.Story 20 is the Princess and pirate. Cat and Mouse from story 13 wish they could be a pirate and a princess. A fairy appears and gives them different items of clothing so at the end they are dressed up as a princess and a pirate. The stories on their own are really lovely, and they all have adorable characters or a cute twist at the end that appeals to preschoolers, and adults too for that matter!



Many teachers have told me they find my resources excellent value and this next series of stories 11 to 20 is equally good value for money, especially given that this series contains even more pictures. There are over one hundred full colour story illustrations, plus 66 colour flashcards.


I prefer teachers to find my resources affordable and worthwhile, particularly as many of you live in countries where wages are lower than in Western Europe.  Therefore I am offering you stories 11 to 20, plus all the extras, today for under 3 euros per story (29 euros). Considering each story will keep your young pupils busy for many happy hours of fun learning, this is unequivocably great value. You may also pay in British Pounds or US Dollars if you prefer. All 3 currencies are proposed on the secure order page.



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What is included with the Preschool/Kindergarten Stories?



As with the first series, each story is fully and beautifully illustrated in colour so the children can listen and understand easily.  Each story comes with:


  • a choice of both A4 and A5 size colour pictures for download.

  • black and white vocabulary flashcards for colouring.

  • colour vocabulary flashcards for all new vocabulary.

  • bingo sets for each story.




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Each story comes with lesson plans using ideas taken mainly from the preschool esl games book, including:



  • pre-story games,

  • ideas to use during story telling,

  • and post-story activities.



Each story can be the focus of either one lesson, or a series of three lessons, depending on the ability and level of your pupils.



As children love stories so much you will be able to re-use previous stories over and over again. In fact this is recommended for revision so the children do not forget vocabulary and phrases they have learned.



The games combined with the different stories, allow you to move gradually through various topics using fun games, colourful pictures and varied activities.



Bear in mind that I do offer a 60 day guarantee so if you are not completely and totally satisfied you can ask for a refund.



If you already have the first 10 stories you will know what to expect, and these are every bit as good for teaching purposes with some interesting stories as the children's language skills grow.



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P.S. I am sure you will find the teaching resource enriching to your repertoire of ideas and games.


P.P.S. And remember to do the most important thing in teaching, to spread love, encouragement and enhanced self-confidence through learning, and have fun doing it!


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