Motivating kids to do homework

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*Most kids don't like homework!


Make it manageable

To encourage kids to do homework firstly, make the homework short and quite easy. When kids find the homework relatively easily they are more likely to do it. If kids are unclear about their homework or can't do it on their own because it's too hard, then many won't do it, because there is no one at home to help them. Others will give up because the task is overwhelming to them. You can always give your best pupils something more challenging.


Make it relevant

Keep topics relevant to your students' interests. If homework is related to things the class enjoy students are more likely to be interested in doing it. Football fans would most likely enjoy preparing a profile of their favorite player for homework and presenting it to class.


Variety is the spice of life

Vary the type of homework you give. Giving the same types of homework task, such as gap fill, or reading and writing, it can be limiting, especially to students who have other skills or learning styles. For example, homework could be taking a photograph and describing it, or drawing pictures of 3 new vocabulary words, and knowing those words in English.



Always acknowledge and take an interest in homework done - either have buddy marking, or mark it yourself. Students don't like doing tasks in a void.


Team work

Get students to work together on homework tasks, in pairs. It can be fun for them to get together and prepare something as a team.

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