One-to-One Vocabulary Game: Jump the Line

girl learning vocabulary with game jumping on pictures
24 May Shelley Vernon No Comments

This vocabulary game is ultra simple and it's a listening game so you may introduce new vocabulary with it, without expecting your child to be able to immediately say the words him or herself.


Jump the Line and it's suitable for any age from 3 up. It's certainly beginning to get childish for the 11 to 12-year-olds.


Play for not more than 5 minutes - that's quite long enough for a simple game like this or it becomes monotonous.


Lay picture cards out on the floor. Alternatively, use real objects. Your children probably have plenty of toys you can use, or take food items from the kitchen or objects you have around the house. In a classroom situation for a private tutor, pictures are the easiest because they are light to transport to class.


This game is demonstrated with Anna right at the beginning of the video here:


I call out an animal and Anna jumps on the picture. The pictures are laid out to the left and the right of an imaginary line. Use a real rope to make a line.


The child can either jump to the left or to the right according to the picture you call out. Alternatively, and this is what Anna does, the child can jump ON the picture itself.


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