Preschool and Kindergarten Resources


Giant results from small children: ESL resources for 3-5 (6) year olds.

Are you that special kind of teacher who can deal with eager, energetic and very active preschoolers?

Or are you daunted by the prospect of managing formative children?
Or have you just simply run out of ideas?
Look no further.



Games, Stories and Songs are the perfect answer to the challenge of teaching preschoolers, and research proves that young children

learn quicker, recall faster and understand better with active physical response and natural learning methods.

Bring a touch of magic and fun to your lessons with Shelley’s delightful, popular and proven range of games stories and activities.

Here is a complete portfolio of resources that will surely engage your preschoolers, focus their attention and fire their enthusiasm for your lessons.


Over 100 exhilarating games for different group sizes and situations


Both available as paperback and eBook
10 charming stories beautifully illustrated, complete with comprehensive lesson plans, illustrations, and flashcards


Bumper resource of 10 stories crammed with illustrations, flashcards and those all important lesson plans


Compelling and addictive songs that match the vocabulary in Stories 1,2, & 3 in CD and MP3


Teaching Kit 1,2 & 3 stories in PowerPoint format, with audio from native speakers and basic animation to captivate your young learners

(lesson plans and flashcards not included)



49 worksheets to go with Teaching Kit 1

​                                  


66 worksheets to go with Teaching Kit 2

​                                  


63 worksheets to go with Teaching Kit for Special Days

​                                  

Short teaching toddlers report, compiled from interviews with 250 teachers, packed with great ideas that work.

​                                  

Shelley’s Preschool Range 

  • Complies with the curriculum for European Language Certificate (and international equivalents)
  • Gives you enough material for a whole school year depending on how often you teach the children
  • Caters for children of different abilities
  • Encourages children to express themselves and communicate in a fun and productive way



  • You save time and money as you have everything you need for the lesson, ideas and materials combined
  • The songs to match the stories will help to reinforce learning and brighten up your classroom with music
  • Products are all stand alone if required
  • Continuity of vocabulary progression AND a full years' comprehensive resource
  • Tempting packages for combining and free samples

 image of preschool stories teaching kit 1-10image of teaching kit for preschoolers stories 11-20 image of stories for special days teaching kit

preschool games book cover  ESL worksheets for children cover

preschool songs 1 CDsongs 2 CDSongs 3 CD

PowerPoints for stories 1-10PowerPoints for stories 11-20PowerPoints for Stories for Special Days




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