ESL Resources for primary school age children

Primary School age childrens’ personal development mushrooms in these formative years.


Motor skills, social skills, intellectual awareness, developing learning strategies all start to be noticeable but they are complicated by different children evolving at different speeds. Children's horizons widen, taking notice of the world around them, growing. They start taking learning more seriously and begin to work with other children.



What creative challenges this brings to teaching English to eager, expectant children hungry for new experiences! Look no further. Shelley’s Stories Games and Songs for primary school children learning English as a second language is the key to providing the variety, stimulus and quality expertise needed to get impressive results.


Teaching English through Stories Games and Songs brings fun and enjoyment inyoung child

  • expanding children’s vocabulary
  • learning proper English grammar
  • gaining new understanding of various topics and events happening around them



Watch how their attention span increases as children enjoy a fun and enjoyable shared experience between the teacher and themselves, and with each other.



This rainbow of ESL teaching resources has infinite possibilities of use and gives you everything you need to get started.

These comprehensive teaching English aids are complementary with each other, and each can also be used as stand alone. There is infinite flexibility to adapt to your own style.  All are designed to suit a diverse range of age and ability.



ESL Stories Kit 1  ages 6 to 10 - About Me

ESL Stories Kit 2  ages 6 to 10 -Daily Life

ESL Stories for Special Days

Entertaining and lively stories uniquely written to keep children focused and attentive. 
    All contain lesson plans, worksheets, board games, flashcards to support the stories.
                                        Read more about Kit 1


Teach English with Movies (good for online teaching)

Ten movies of the teaching kit stories with native English voices, and sound effects;  in addition the same in PowerPoint version for you and your students to do the voice overs.


ESL Games and Activities

Best selling book crammed with fun ideas and tips to make your lessons stimulating and memorable.


ESL Online Games for Children, Teens and Adults

Mega Collection of games for online teachers for individual ESL tutoring and also groups and classes.

ESL Plays and Skits

Delightful inventive stories to act out, where everyone has a role to play, and gives children a chance to show their abilities. Ideal for developing self confidence.



Flashcard Kit and Printable Games    

631 coloured flashcards in themed sets with numbers and the alphabet.  Printable games included to help revision.


Teaching English One to One

For ESL private tutors or parents, 143 English language games to learn vocabulary and grammar, one to one, with sample illustrative videos.


Shelley’s Primary School Range 


  •     Complies with the curriculum for European Language Certificate (and international equivalents)
  •     Gives you enough material for a whole school year depending on how often you teach the children
  •     Caters for children of different abilities
  •     Encourages children to express themselves and communicate in a fun and productive way



  • You save time and money as, once you start teaching with this fun method, you may apply it to teach any vocabulary or grammar
  • With the story kits you have everything you need for the lesson, ideas and materials combined
  • Products are all stand alone if required
  • Tempting packages for combining resources and free samples





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