Story-telling magic to teach English at kindergarten

child reading a magical story book
30 Mar Shelley Vernon 1 Comment

The power of stories is incredible and they are a fantastic teaching tool. Here are ten reasons to use them in your preschool or kindergarten English class.


1. Children love them. Start a story and preschool children will suddenly be mesmerized. It is amazing the effect stories have on preschoolers, even if they already know the story inside out!


Timeless story-telling photo of man telling story 100 years ago


2. The story can be the focal point of the lesson, giving meaning and context to odd words and phrases learned in isolation.



3. Children can absorb the structure of language subconsciously as well as hear familiar words they know.



4. Preschoolers will be happy to hear the same stories over and over again, which is fantastic for revision and absorption.



5. You can use the stories as a base for fun activities in class.



6. A useful message can be contained in the story, aside from language learning.




7. Using stories develops creativity and imagination in a way that watching TV never can, not to mention the negative effects of computer screens and computer games on children.



8. You can use stories as a quiet time in between boisterous activities.



9. Stories, along with songs, allow children to hear and understand far more English than any other method.



10. Enhancing story telling with gestures, actions, colourful illustrations, relevant games and role-playing increases language retention and acquisition, and makes for fun lessons. This helps you repeat and review the same language as well as making it real through play.



Check out my fabulous curriculum of preschool stories, with lesson plans, games, songs, masks and more. This curriculum of stories is especially written for preschool and young primary English language learners. The first 20 stories are for ages 3 to 6, although teachers repeatedly tell me older children enjoy them also. The complete series of stories goes through to prepare for the A1 European Language Certificate.



You too can be an inspirational teacher!

"What took me days to figure out piling over internet sites and going to the library now takes me an hour with Shelley's program and you can quote me on that! (...) I see the looks on the parents’ faces and the children are opening up more and more each class.  You make me look so good!" Kathryn Williams, USA


Helen Panchenko in Greece says: I am a lucky preschool teacher with great kids, brilliant mummies and daddies. Every month we organize an English family picnic just to play and have fun. Your plays are ideal for such picnics!!!! Easy to use, easy to learn words by heart ( it’s very important for kid’s relatives). “Here comes an ant “ is our hit. (Here comes Teo’s granny....)

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