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Hello Teachers,

Here is an easy vocabulary game to play in your online classrooms (or real classrooms). This is perfect for beginners, or for any level where you want to enforce, or revise vocabulary. 


How to Play


Students draw a grid with eight squares. From a list of vocabulary that you provide, students write 8 different vocabulary words into those squares. Now randomly call the vocabulary words from your list. As the words are mentioned, students cross off the relevant word on their grid. The first student to cross off all the words wins a prize.


Use this for any topic, including business English. Topics might be common vocabulary words for beginners, to specific business English topics such as aviation, customer service, social media, marketing, medicine, and so on.


Easy ideas for prizes

- The student wins a point for his or her team.

- The student wins something tangible for the next physical class. It should be inexpensive and ecological. It's just a symbolic, easy gift, like a tangerine when in season.

- The student earns the chance to do an extra homework task that the teacher will mark. Don't laugh, motivated students will be pleased to have this.

- The student receives a surprise online gift that changes each time, ideas: 1 sudoku to do in own time, a recipe to try at home, instructions for 1 origami, an invitation to find and show a photo to the class, a quiz question, etc.

- Ask the class to submit five ideas each for simple prizes. Give examples as above. Students can find the prize too - to save the teacher time. Collect these in and use them in the game.



To use some grammar or sentences with this game, when the teacher calls the vocabulary words, he or she can place them in a sentence. Say you are working on the present tense, use the vocabulary word in a sentence in the present tense each time. This gives students the chance to hear the word in context, in the tense you are working on.


esl classroom activities for teens and adults book coverActivities Book for Teens and Adults

Lots of the games in my teen/adult activities book may be adapted for online use like this Bingo game. You can get it in paperback or instant PDF download from me, as you prefer.

If you already have it - here's a list of games from the book that I think may be used in an online teaching situation.


All the best,

Shelley Ann Vernon

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