Special Days Stories Worksheets and Quizzes

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Special Days Stories


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Super useful, 63 pages covering common vocabulary for beginners


Worksheet sampleWorksheet sampleWorksheet sample

- Quizzes and Worksheets for *10* Stories.

- For beginners leading to A1 level (Equivalent to Novice levels)

- Best for ages 6-10. Quizzes are good for 10-12 too.

- Use these with the story lesson plans and flashcards in the classroom (sold here or add on to your worksheets order)

- Use them online with the PowerPoint version of the stories (add on to your worksheets order for discount)

- Great for homework or in class. Great for online learning

- Use most of them any time of the year as stories, without emphasis on the day, e.g. Easter is about prepositions


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Sixty three worksheets including:

Very easy: Labyrinths, Join the Dots, Counting, Drawing objects and Colouring.

Gap fills, linking words to pictures, putting story pics in order

A quiz for each story


Save time. Have fun. Email me with any questions, I'm always here to help.


All the best

Shelley Ann Vernon

Teaching English Games